Posted by: Doug Henwood | December 14, 2012

Audio format change?

I’m thinking of changing the bit rate for the hi-fi versions of my radio show from 64kbps to 128kbps (mono). It would double the size of the file from about 25 megs to 50 megs. Would this trouble anyone? My iPhone has no trouble with 128kbps on the AT&T network—and of course it’d be a piece of cake on WiFi. I’d still keep the 16kbps lo-fi version for people with slow dialup connections.



  1. i think you are right..
    thank you

  2. Fine with me. But what’s the bit rate on new issues of the LBO newsletter? It seems to be approaching zero…

  3. Sorry. Yes. Guilty. New one coming out next week. Bit rate should be a lot higher from now on.

  4. I would love a higher bitrate.

  5. Can you leave that little sad sack low-fi mp3 available for the wifi bandidos?

    They asked.

  6. A higher bitrate would be great!

  7. A higher bit rate would be great!

  8. Higher bitrate: yes!

  9. I say yes.

  10. Ok with me. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Sounds good to me.

  12. What is the advantage of 128 vs 64? I haven’t noticed any issues related to it (as opposed to those related to, say, interviewees’ cell phones).

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