Fresh postings to LBO site

Just posted to the Left Business Observer website: Adolph Reed, The limits of antiracism and samples from #122, just out: LBO current issue contents.

LBO #122 out

The new timeliness continues! LBO #122 has just been emailed to subscribers, and is off to the printer to accommodate the dead-tree brigade. Contents: pity suffering Wall Street! • a memoir of the Florida real estate boom and bust (a state where felons can’t vote, but could sell mortgages!) • 2008: a year of less money and more poverty • more job carnage as lunatics demand exit strategy • declining employment share • why the Senate sucks (it’s no accident) If you don’t subscribe yet, what are you waiting for? Click here here and… Read More

Radio commentary, October 9, 2009

Job market somewhat less miserable In U.S. economic news, the slow improvement of the U.S. labor market continues, emphasis on “slow,” of course, and the baseline of general awfulness on which this improvement is founded. First-time applications for unemployment insurance fell by 33,000 last week to the lowest level since last November, just as the economy was beginning its fall from a cliff. The four-week moving average of initial claims, which is a better way of looking at these volatile figures, fell by 9,000, to its lowest level since last December. The… Read More

Me on the CBC

I’m going to be on the CBC’s The Current this morning, discussing the 20th anniversary of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Starts at 8:30. Also on Sirius channel 137.

Radio commentary, October 3, 2009

[No, not time travel—this is the version that will be delivered on the KPFA version of the show on Saturday morning. Much of it was on Thursday’s WBAI show, except for the bit about the September employment report, which was added for the KPFA and podcast audiences. Oh, and Chicago didn’t get the Olympics, but the analysis of the politics behind Obama’s huckstering is still relevant.] Breaking news from the change we can believe in front! The Obama administration is opposing Congressional legislation to protect reporters from being jailed for refusing to… Read More