POR in the news

I feel guilty about using the tragedy of the Party of the Right threesome gone very wrong to promote my own work, but here are two memoirs of my time in and around the POR. “I was a teen-age reactionary” (Bad Subjects) “Partying on the right” (The Nation)

Sanders, budget-buster?

The Wall Street Journal, one of the more respectable organs of the Murdoch press, put out a sensationalized tally of Bernie Sanders’ spending proposals yesterday: an $18 trillion agenda that would “greatly expand government.” Sensation is Murdoch house style, but the Journal is also supposed to be a serious paper. Here’s how they get to $18 trillion: Sanders’ spending proposals, next 10 years billions of dollars Medicare for all $15,000 Social Security 1,200 infrastructure 1,000 college affordability 750 fund to allow workers paid family/medical leave 319 protecting private pensions 29 one million youth jobs 6 total 18,304… Read More


I’ve got a piece on The Nation’s website about the tech bubble. Funnily, Vanity Fair features many of the disruptive stars of that bubble, and of the sharing economy I wrote about for The Nation earlier this year, in their latest New Establishment list. How 2015 it all seems.