Christian Parenti interviews me…

…for the Brooklyn Rail – on the bubble, the bust, the state of the American ruling class, and what comes next: Ka-Pow! Bang! Crash!

Bayard Rustin on the moon landing

Since this is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, I thought I’d share this historically rich experience. A good friend of mine from 6th grade through early college was the son of a union president. The union had a training center down in Maryland, which included some posh vacation facilities for the leadership (or misleadership, as they’d say in Workers Vanguard). My friend, his family, and several others of us all watched the TV coverage together in one of the posh outposts. Among the guests was Bayard Rustin. (The union… Read More

WBAI election: signatures needed

[An email sent to Jews for Racial and Economic Justice by Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Neimark. I don’t know these candidates personally, but I do know Esther & Marilyn, and if the candidates are ok by them then they’re ok by me. If you’re in NYC and can stop by Tuesday afternoon, please do.] Dear JFREJers, We’re writing to enlist your support for some important changes that are in the works at WBAI, where JFREJ’s radio program, Beyond the Pale, has been broadcasting weekly for over 13 years. WBAI is currently engaged… Read More

Radio commentary, July 2, 2009

Gotta keep these opening comments short, since there’s a lot of interview material ahead. Because Friday is a holiday, we got the June employment report a day earlier than usual, and the news wasn’t very good. So much for last month’s hint of an improving trend. There’s almost nothing encouraging buried in the innards of this month’s report. June’s headline job loss of 467,000 looks “good” only in comparison to the awful numbers we saw earlier this year and late last. But it’s still quite bad. Losses were widespread through the major… Read More