Much fresh audio product

Some of this just posted to my radio archives, and some of it’s been around for a while without being noted on the web page. Subscribe to the podcast (here’s the iTunes page—details on other portals on my archive page), and you’ll get the audio files right after they’re posted, instead of waiting for me to update the web index. Note: several of these shows were fundraisers for KPFA. I’ve cut out the pleas, but if you want to keep these coming, please support KPFA. October 25, 2012 Jodi Dean, professor of political science at Hobart & William… Read More

Why Obama lost the debate

This is a lightly edited version of my radio commentary from today’s show. First, I should say that while I am not a Democrat, and never had much hope invested in 2008’s candidate of hope, I do think we’d be marginally better off if Obama won. One reason we’d be better off is that when a Democrat is in power, it’s easier to see that the problems with our politics—the dominance of money and state violence—are systemic issues, and not a matter of individuals or parties. That’s not to say there are… Read More

Ontario today

A few weeks ago, during the Chicago teachers’ strike, I had kind things to say about education reform in Ontario after the Liberals took power in 2002 (“How much do teacher strikes hurt kids?”). The piece drew on work by the OECD, part of an attempt to refute work by Washington Post boy blogger Dylan “Minipundit” Matthews. After posting it, several emailers and commenters noted that things have changed in Ontario, as the Liberals have embraced U.S.-style austerity. Have they ever. The government has passed a monstrosity with a name that Rahm Emanuel… Read More