Wall Street (the book) going for almost $1,000

This screenshot just taken on Amazon.com: This is, of course, preposterous. But ego gratifying. And it also means that the four or five copies that were priced around $50 the other week just after the marvelous Justin Fox Review appeared actually sold. But really, how are these things priced? Are their bot-driven algorithms, like on the stock market?

“Behind the News” now on Stitcher

“Behind the News” is now available via Stitcher.com, a source for all kinds of radio shows. You can listen via the web, or on your iPhone or Android. For general info on Stitcher, click here.

Fresh audio content: David Frum

Just posted to my radio archives: August 9, 2012 Partial conservative renegade and former Bush speechwriter David Frum on the right, and his roman à clef about Washington, Patriots. [The text of the intro, in which I recount my history on the right in condensed form, is here. The headnote includes links to longer versions of the story.]

My history on the right: the potted version

This was part of the introduction to my interview with David Frum, the conservative writer and now partial renegade, on my August 9 radio show. This is mostly a condensed version of two longer pieces, one in Bad Subjects, and the other in The Nation. My good friend Michael Pollak asked me to post the text, so here it is. Before David Frum, a few words about my own right-wing past. In 1972, I cast my first ever presidential vote against Richard Nixon, because he wasn’t conservative enough. I wasn’t always a right-winger. My eighth-grade world… Read More

Thank you, Justin Fox

About ten days ago, I posted a complaint (“Credit default”), which could perhaps be characterized as “petulant,” about the uncanny resemblance between a Harvard Business Review piece (“What Good Are Shareholders?”) by Justin Fox and Jay Lorsch and my book Wall Street. Justin Fox has just posted an extremely generous endorsement of my work: The Wall Street Book Everyone Should Read. I am very grateful and flattered and will even forgive his characterization of me as “crotchety.” Thank you, Justin. Verso let the book go out of print but you can download it here. I apologize for… Read More