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Just added to my radio archives: June 12, 2014 Suzanna Danuta Walters, author of The Tolerance Trap, argues against queer embourgeoisement • Tony Samara, lead author of The Rise of Renter Nation, on the affordability crisis for people who rent their dwellings June 5, 2014 Art Goldhammer on European politics, with an accent on France • Nikil Saval, author of Cubed, on the history and sociology of the office

Plutonomy revisited

Business Insider has a write-up of a BoA Merrill Lynch report that declares that, the FT’s quibbles aside, Thomas Piketty is essentially right, and the super-rich is where the action is, so invest accordingly. (Never mind that Piketty utterly destroyed, in the most gracious manner imaginable, the newspaper’s economics editor Chris Giles’ half-assed critique.) The BoA Merrill report was written by Ajay Kapur, who is quoted by BI as saying: When wealth and income are as concentrated as they are, and expected (a la Piketty) to get even more so, examining the ‘average’ consumer or… Read More