Does Chicago need a Katrina? Adolph Reed responds.

[Guest post by Adolph Reed, in response to Kristen McQueary’s column in the Chicago Tribune on how Chicago could use a Hurricane Katrina.] Kristen McQueary’s attempt to walk back from her scurrilous column of last Thursday extolling the wonderful changes that the devastation of Katrina brought to New Orleans is basically an unpology—and an even more empty, uninformed word salad than the original. The issue isn’t what she was feeling when she wrote what she wrote; it’s what she wrote. The initial column was wrong on basic, yet important particulars. New Orleanians did not “overthrow a corrupt… Read More

Fresh audio product

Finally, after an unpardonable delay, four shows freshly uploaded to my radio archive: August 13, 2015 William Darity on discrimination, a job guarantee, and baby bonds • R.L. Stephens II, founding editor of Orchestrated Pulse and author of this essay, talks about Black Lives Matter and the creation of a leadership class August 6, 2015 [vacation encore] Ian Bone, author of Bash the Rich, on anarchism (first broadcast March 2007) • Bethany Moreton, author of To Serve God and Wal-Mart, on Christian free enterprise and the Behemoth of Bentonville July 23, 2015 James Galbraith and Leo Panitch (the article that launched a thousand righteous polemics) on Greece July… Read More