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  1. All,

    I did some fact checking over at; in particular, the job growth
    numbers by decade starting with 1940. Here are the results:

    1940-1949 11.977 million jobs created
    1950-1959 10.659 million jobs created
    1960-1969 17.065 million jobs created
    1970-1979 19.429 million jobs created
    1980-1989 18.140 million jobs created
    1990-1999 21.723 million jobs created
    2000-2009 0.944 million jobs LOST.

    Job creation drove off a cliff in the 2000’s; the site does not
    have numbers before 1939 so I can’t contrast the 1930’s with today. There
    is talk that we will be heading into another “Lost Decade” which would make
    for two lost decades, easily surpassing in length of time the Great
    Depression. Is that what we are heading for? Another Great Depression that
    does not have a troth as deep but lasts much longer?


  2. I happened upon your post and, being a skeptic, I checked the BLS site. Nice work!

    The 2009 data has been “corrected” since you did your post and the total for 2009 is now -2.752 M jobs. This means you last line is:

    2000-2009 1.044 million jobs created

    Still pretty depressing.



  3. Doug,

    Permission to distribute? With full attribution?


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