Hillary publicity update 2

This just in, from my old pal Russ Smith, publisher of New York Press in its splendid heyday.

Hillary publicity update

Updates to the Hillary publicity catalog: One I left out—the New York Observer And fresh German publicity, based on the Die Welt article

Hillary publicity roundup

Lots of nice publicity for my Hillary piece in Harper’s: Page Six (New York Post) Huffington Post Live (video) Salon interview with Elias Isquith interview by Chuck Mertz for This Is Hell (radio) brief mention in Wall Street Journal (10th paragraph) “Amerikaner, stoppt die Clinton-Dynastie,” Die Welt (German) More, one hopes. One always hopes for more.

On Hillary

[I said this on my radio show yesterday as a Hillary teaser. Jane McAlevey urged me to circulate it, and I do what Jane says.] A little self-promotion. I have a cover story in this month’s Harper’s on Hillary Rodham Clinton, which the editors gave the tabloidish headline, “Stop Hillary!” (And I do mean tabloidish—it caught the attention of a New York Post reporter, who wrote it up for the paper’s Page Six gossip feature.) In it, I review Hillary’s life in a very non-friendly way, in hope of derailing her unannounced yet… Read More

Minimum wage politics

I haven’t used this venue to promote my Harper’s piece on the awfulness of Hillary Clinton, but that’s about to change. First this little note, and then some bits from the cutting-room floor that wouldn’t fit next week. Some Democrats have been saying that a Hillary presidency would almost certainly lead to a rise in the minimum wage and a Republican wouldn’t. Maybe. But here’s the recent historical record. I have to admit I was surprised by this, but here you go: • The real value of the minimum wage rose 7.7%… Read More

More companies dropping health coverage, thanks to Obamacare

Back in 2011, I argued that Obamacare would lead employers to drop existing health insurance coverage and throw employees onto the mercies of the exchanges. (See this post and links therein.) Liberals, including no less than Paul Krugman, denied this. But it’s looking like it’s happening. Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Wal-Mart, that paragon of the modern employer, is dropping coverage for 30,000 part-time employees. It joins Target, Home Depot, and UPS, who’ve already cut coverage. And, at the high end, the so-called “Cadillac tax” on generous insurance plans is also leading to… Read More

SodaStream update: The boycott is a “nuisance.” And “we’re Zionists.”

An hour after I hit the “publish” button on the SodaStream post, the firm’s publicist got back to me with an answer to my question about how BDS might be affecting sales. He referred me to a September 1 JTA story, which reports that the company is thinking of closing its West Bank factory (pictured below)—but purely for “financial reasons.” Those reasons do not include the boycott, which CEO Daniel Birnbaum dismissed as a mere “nuisance.” And, in case you missed the political point, he made the company’s position very clear: “We are… Read More

SodaStream: is BDS hitting where it hurts?

[See company’s response here.] This morning, the Israeli-based fizz merchant SodaStream announced miserable preliminary financial results for the quarter ending September 30. Its stock promptly fell by over 20%, compounding losses over the last year. It’s now more than 70% off its all-time high set in July 2011, and the company may well put itself up for sale. The company’s explanation of the glum performance was not much of an explanation at all. From their official release: “We are very disappointed in our recent performance,” said Daniel Birnbaum, Chief Executive Officer of SodaStream…. Read More