Music news: Akon’s No Labels anthem

Wow, this is some serious crap:

Akon’s No Labels Anthem.

It only took one conversation with Lisa Borders, one of the founding leaders of No Labels, for Akon to immediately understand the meaning of this movement’s message.  Never give up your label, just put it aside to do what’s best for America.  With lyrics like “See a man with a blue tie, see a man with a red tie; so how about we tie ourselves together and get it done,” Akon shares his passion for politicians to put the labels aside so we can find practical solutions to our nation’s problems. Akon stayed up all night to create this song and now you can listen to it for free and share the song to help inspire others to put their labels aside.

7 Comments on “Music news: Akon’s No Labels anthem

  1. As long as he sings it with his shirt off, it’s a masterpiece.

  2. The answer was right in front of us the whole time! Why spend all this effort worrying about differences in policy positions and ideologies–just auto-tune the whole political spectrum.

  3. I hate to sound cynical in responding to such a “positive” message, but I foresee that as soon as the two tied-together politico dudes get around to getting “it” done, they’ll still have to decide exactly what “it” is…

  4. “find practical solutions to our nation’s problems.”

    There are no “problems” to be solved, just battles to be fought.

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