Liberal redbaiting

The Sanders campaign has certainly sharpened the contradictions, hasn’t it? It’s been very clarifying to see Hillary Clinton and her surrogates running against single-payer and free college, with intellectual cover coming from Paul Krugman and Vox. Expectations, having been systematically beaten down for 35 years, must be beaten down further, whether it’s Hillary saying that to go to college one needs some “skin in the game,” or Rep. John Lewis reminding us that nothing is free in America. A challenge from the left has forced centrist Democrats to reveal themselves as proud capitalist tools. Latest… Read More

Tuition piece up

Ok, the promised piece on college inflation is up. As the wage premium for education has expanded, college has gotten a lot more expensive. Why, and what’s this done to access (and with it, class mobility)? From LBO #125, just posted to the web: “I’m borrowing my way through college… Though this sample is free, it costs money to produce LBO. If you don’t already subscribe, please do, and keep this sort of thing alive. It’s not like there’s an excess of critical economic news and analysis, is there? LBO subscriptions. Such a deal!… Read More

Don’t believe the Manhattan Institute

In a few hours, I’ll be posting the piece on how expensive college has gotten and why to the LBO website. In the meanwhile, a dreadful article, “Why the Student Protesters Are Wrong,” published by a Manhattan Institute front called Minding the Campus needs some correction. The author, Daniel Bennett, is a policy analyst at a right-wing think tank with a creepy name: The Center for College Affordability & Productivity. The director of the think tank is Richard Vedder, who wrote a book on how great Wal-Mart is, which gives you an idea… Read More