Video of great #OWS debate now up

Video of the great Jacobin debate on #OWS politics & strategy now up. Below the link, some of moderator Seth Ackerman’s comments: #OWS, a debate on left politics and strategy Held on Friday Oct. 14, 2011 at Bluestockings bookshop on Allen St. in New York City. From anarchism to demands, from the consensus process to “what next?” we covered the gamut of topics. When the discussion was over, Doug Henwood, who was on the panel, commented that it had been the most contentious left-wing gathering he’d ever participated in (and Doug’s participated in a… Read More

Me on Russia Today TV

Here I am, debating the right again—this time two of them: another Schiff and “investor” Jim Rogers, who somehow gets all the headline credit. Lots of shouting and crosstalk, in line with the show’s name. CrossTalk: Socialism for the Rich (ft. Jim Rogers).