Fresh audio

Just posted the audio files for my April 16 show here. Guests are progressive educator Deborah Meier, who talks about the horrors of Bush’s No Child Left Behind, which Obama is likely to retain largely intact, and Adolph Reed, one of the wisest commentators in the U.S., talking about genetics and political leanings, and politics without politics.

By the way, I often post the MP3’s to the server before I update the webpage. Podcast subscribers can get those directly without delay. Podcast info for the hi-fi (64kbps) version here; lo-fi (16kbps) here. The show’s iTunes page is here.

One Comment on “Fresh audio

  1. In today’s New York Times, the administration offers a list of accomplishments to date. They include concessions they forced out of labor:

    Mr. Obama’s top aides dismiss suggestions that he has shied from confrontation, saying they ignore his achievements, the need to move quickly to address economic woes and the fights he has picked against some big interest groups in Washington, including components of the Democratic base, like organized labor.

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