The quest for recognition

Just got the murkiest plug in more than two decades of cruising for plugs: Henwood and Hollywood. Thanks, I think.

11 Comments on “The quest for recognition

  1. Lang also had to suffer Hollywood jerks as shown by another admiring top director, Godard.

    On the business of the “Israel-Palestine conflict” (with it’s undertones of “he said, she said”), it’s actually “a human tragedy and a national disgrace” (latter applies in particular to citizens of UK and US). You can tiptoe around the unholy mess your tax dollars and fellow New Yorkers helped create, but don’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

  2. You can’t do better than a plug, murky or not, from the estimable Mr Walcott. Congratulations on the new blog, and apologies for the bad behavior of my fellow hoi polloi.

  3. haha, be careful what you wish for. My favorite was the reverse plug from Norman Pearlstein – or who ever it was – who didn’t like you very much. Who’s laughing now Pearlstein???

    Housing prices down 50% in Phoenix. GDP shrunk 6.1% If the major governments – that’s right libertarians, governments – of the world hadn’t acted wisely, we’d be in a depression.

  4. Lang’s Metropolis presaged the Frankfurt theorists and its snarkily neutered progeny like Walcott.Beware when the plug takes the form that Alexander Pope once called the damnation of faint praise.

  5. Middle classes turn anti-democratic when the masses vote in populists/socialists?

    “The Bourgeois Revolution”

    It seems that the elite theories of “a strong middle class” (see Joe Biden’s new day job at strengthening democracy might actually be backfiring the world over.

  6. Bourgeois Revolution
    Not so original-see Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism written in 1931
    And didn’t the good ol’ US of A experience the same thing with the 2000 election as hundreds of tassle loafered “protestors” “spontaneously” descended upon the vote counters in Miami?
    Dude,this movie’s been playin continuosly since 1848-see 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte by a bearded German scholar

  7. I’m never quite sure as to whether the elites are pretending to believe these theories (which always have the quality of having been comprehensively dis-proven by history), or simply pretend to. The strong middle class theory is a particularly stupid one, particularly given the elites have often used those same middle classes to undermine populist democracy the world over.

  8. Yo, bitches: if you’re going to critique someone – specially someone as groovy as Sir James – at least get his name right!
    It’s WOLCOTT.

  9. Right-oh Uncle Buck. But don’t you think that using “critique” as a verb is a little vulgar?

  10. UAW president Ron Gettelfinger on NPR this morning, giving a depressing excuse for the necessity to sell off it’s enormous chunk of stock in the auto industry as fast as possible.

    Doug, perhaps you can interview Gettelfinger next week and ask him to explain himself? Har har har.

    Happy May Day.

  11. I really have nothing to add to this.

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