Posted by: Doug Henwood | June 26, 2009

June 25 radio show posted

June 25 radio show posted to archives. Alyssa Katz, author of Our Lot, on the homeownership fetish and the housing bubble/bust • Liza Featherstone (author of this article, and, it should be disclosed, wife/beloved of the host) and Adolph Reed on the burdens of college tuition and how the problem can be solved by making it free.


  1. Brilliant show, friendly and discursive – kind of like a “Tonight Show” for the marginal.
    One point – after introducing champ Adolph Reed, our host referred to free public college tuition as being basically pie-in-the-sky, yet the avuncular conversation about this unreachable “hope” rumbled on as if the comment was never made.
    Friends should not let friends make off-hand disparaging remarks.
    Free public college tuition? Yes, that’s precisely in line with the post-war American ambition to attach dollar signs to every last human endeavor.

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