Bayard Rustin on the moon landing

Since this is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, I thought I’d share this historically rich experience. A good friend of mine from 6th grade through early college was the son of a union president. The union had a training center down in Maryland, which included some posh vacation facilities for the leadership (or misleadership, as they’d say in Workers Vanguard). My friend, his family, and several others of us all watched the TV coverage together in one of the posh outposts.

Among the guests was Bayard Rustin. (The union leadership gets points for not subscribing to the homophobic exclusion that Rustin suffered—though they were united in their anti-Communism.) When Armstrong uttered his banal aphorism upon landing, there was much disappointment all around. Rustin offered a constructive alternative: “He should have just farted.”

2 Comments on “Bayard Rustin on the moon landing

  1. That’s a corker!

    I’ve always held the view that NASA is a glorified flagpole, but now I’ll think of it as a Great National Fart…

  2. Oh, come on, we all know that the Bourgeois faked the moon landing to renew faith in Capitalism.

    That’s pretty hilarious, though.

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