LBO #120 out!

Already emailed to subscribers, and at the printer for the dead-tree crowd: LBO #120.


Bad medicine, bad politics • That bad case of consumption • Why doesn’t USA Inc. support single-payer? • Deleveraging: how much? • Worst over—now what? • How much richer the rich have gotten

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The reason for the prompt appearance of #120, reversing a 20-year history of missed schedules? The appointment of Liza Featherstone as counseling editrix. Many more to come…on time!

8 Comments on “LBO #120 out!

  1. If I order a subscription now, can I buy the two new issues as back issues without using snail mail? (ie is there a way to order back issues by paypal) besides the need for postage stamps, and slowness of snail mail, the two new issues are not listed on the form.

    Or could LBO 119 and 120 be squeezed in to a new subscription order (ie when I pay for 12 months, 2 months are already subtracted and my sub would end earlier?)

    I have the LBO archive DVD, and if I can get this straightened out I will have never missed an issue. I wanted to ask before I placed the order

  2. Doug,
    you really need to get “That bad case of consumption” article published somewhere that people can read it. Its really important.

  3. Hey, people can read it in LBO!

    I’ll post it to the web in a week or two, but subscribers get it first.

  4. Doug:
    As a 15 year or so subscriber to LBO,the promotion of Liza from the culture editor to editrix is roundly applauded.No more shall the frequency of publication be an “aspiration” to coincide with the lunar cycle,in practice appearing with the occurence lunar eclipses.
    All Hail LF!

  5. Well I was thinking more that it needs to be an article in the Nation, or something. The fact that the increase in consumer consumption has largely been due to rising healthcare costs is an astonishing statistic, and one which has all kinds of implications. Not least of which, it suggests that if the US doesn’t fix healthcare, then there will be a second lost decade.

    Oh, and loving the new monthly publication cycle.

  6. thank you, thank you, thank you. and so quickly on #119.

    petey (i told you i wouldn’t be pissy)

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