LBO #121 out!

I’ve been reticent about promoting LBO, the newsletter, on LBO News, the “blog,” but why should I?

Anyway, emailed to electronic subscribers and on press for the crushed-tree kind, #121, the third issue in three months, includes:

Obama and the duelling caricatures • Adolph Reed on how racism is like the Easter bunny • How this recession stacks up vs. its ancestors • Life after crises • The media bloodletting • Rupert celebrates

For a taste, see LBO 121 contents.

I suspect many readers of this site already subscribe to the newsletter, for which many thank you’s. But I suspect a few of you might not, which is tragic, and an occasion for serious soul-searching. And then an invigorating visit to LBO subscription info.

Not only is LBO more needed than ever, it’s even coming out on time!

8 Comments on “LBO #121 out!

  1. The new editor has whipped you into shape, Doug.

    Love the Adolph Reed guest piece.

  2. Yes, everyone should subscribe.

    Any chance of one day putting it out in an e-reader friendly format, Doug? Asking a lot I know, but I’m sure Susie Bright would thank you :)

  3. Great Edition of LBO.

    Too bad, Doug and Adolph can’t dispense with their own self-righteous and analytically useless constructions: obamamania, obamaistas, obamamania a febrile disease, and changiness.

  4. As an on and off subscriber since the mid 90s and generally a big fan of your work, I hesitate to criticize. But the double fisted editorials on false consciousness in this issue were really unconstructive.

    Since having followed your blog, many of my preconceived (possible unfairly rosy) views of you have been changed. Your political opinion pieces, unlike your economics, seem to me overly concerned with attacking potential allies on the left, and show a tin ear towards people with very different experiences or strategies.

    The race thing seems also a really unfortunate blind spot. Black folks are quite right to feel threatened by the current political climate, and even the right wing rhetoric that is based in economic pressures has a frightening amount of racism, both overt and coded.

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask to recognize that.

    Is that an excuse for rallying to a awful Health Insurance plan from the Democrats? Is it an excuse for thinking that Obama is leftist? Not at all.

    But it is a reason not to run two long editorials that boil down to telling black folks that race doesn’t matter, especially when you’re writing something called the “Left Business Observer”.

    You analysis of modern US capitalism is so needed, and provided nowhere else with anything like the skill or consistency. Can you perhaps realize that your analysis of race in America is not so skilled, and maybe a place you could better listen than teach?

    Please don’t jump the shark on us when we need you the most.

    Tommy Miles, NYC

  5. The left is horribly weak and we have to think about why that is. Yeah, sure, a lot of people will read that as “attack,” but I see it as a necessary form of analysis and introspection.

    As for the “two” pieces, I wrote one, and Adolph Reed the other. Most of the people I “attacked” are white. But I don’t know who claimed that race doesn’t matter. Not me. My beef is with people who can’t see much else – e.g. Tim Wise.

  6. check out the archives at black agenda report, where Wise was taken to the woodshed over his elitist views of white working people.

    He also published, fairly recently, a piece with the strange claim that white kids should not protest, or be supported in protesting, antidrug law enforcement since black kids are disproportionately affected.

    Wise has some blinder issues well-pointed out by this discussion.

  7. a co-incidence of articles about class and race: two issues back in london review of books there was an article about the white working class. here’s the link, broken b/c i don’t know this blog’s policy on links: – dot – html

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