Radio commentary, November 14, 2009

[November 12 was the first new show I did on WBAI since the fundraising began in mid-October. Most of the opening commentary was a reprise of the previous week’s analysis of the October employment report, which the New York audience didn’t hear, though the California audience did. The following are the only fresh bits in this week’s punditry.] Now, the usual words on the economic news. In general, we continue to see signs of stabilization, but no serious signs of a turnaround. I suppose that coming after such a deep recession, a… Read More

Radio commentary, November 6, 2009

[WBAI spent most of October and the beginning of November fundraising, and my show was pre-empted much of the time. I’d been doing mostly re-runs for the KPFA version. The November 6 show was a re-run—or an “encore presentation” as they say in TV—but had this bit of fresh commentary prepended.] Friday morning brought the release of the U.S. employment report for October. Once again, less bad is what passes for good these days. The headline job loss was the best—meaning smallest loss—we’ve gotten in more than a year. But below the… Read More