Posted by: Doug Henwood | February 26, 2010

LBO 125 out

Left Business Observer #125 is out! Already emailed to electronic subscribers, and on press for the dead tree contingent.


  • a risky return to the familiar
  • college: best way to make a buck, especially if you’ve already got a few
  • contemplating exits; Obama’s stingy budget
  • unemployment & GDP: U.S. more savage than usual

Tastes here. But why settle for a tease when you can get the real thing for just a few bucks? Support the kind of economic and political analysis you can’t get anywhere else: LBO subscription info.


  1. #125 is great! I really learn a lot from LBO, plus the writing sparkles with dollops of humor. I just donated $21.00 through PayPal, meaning to update my electronic subscription, but then I get a page saying my DVD(?) is in the mail? Please, no DVD, just apply the payment to the periodic LBOs. Thanks much, Doug. Burnis Tuck, Fresno

  2. Thanks! The DVD acknowledgment is a mistake. I’ll fix that when I can!

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