Frontiers of moral reasoning

Asked by Sen. Tester if Goldman had done anything “wrong” in selling CDOs, Goldman’s Sparks evades the question, saying that wrong “conveys some qualitative sense of doing something inappropriate.” They just made some business decisions that look bad in retrospect.

Idiocy at Pacifica

This piece of idiocy is about to be voted on by the Pacifica National Board. It’s only going to make me intensify my on-air criticisms of 9/11 nuttery and conspiracism in general. Pacifica National Board Motion on 911 Programming and Mission Compliance Proposed 4-25-10 by Pacifica Foundation member Christopher Condon Except during fund drives, key public affairs programming throughout the Pacifica Network has appeared to overwhelmingly accept the Official Story of 911, arguing from its assumptions, asserting the theory assigning culpability for these tragic attacks to Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida without… Read More