Welcome back…

…to me, that is. I’ve neglected this thing for too long. Back, and in size.

2 Comments on “Welcome back…

  1. Excellent news! I was afraid that you were kidnapped by that spy and forced to write theater reviews for Pravda.

  2. As always, I am grateful for your show, though I continue to have the sense that all this talking is getting too pro forma – where’s the clash and contest?
    In that line of reactionary thought, I imagined you turning William Hartung’s microphone levels way, way down when he was speaking – he trailed off innumerable times into some levels of recalcitrant whispering I have not heard since that Seinfeld/Larry David episode, and then you came roaring back each time with a voice that, seemed, relatively, to be the Oracle of Delphi…
    Idle thoughts from a fan.

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