Annoying autoresponse

I emailed Random House publicity to see if I could set something up with Gary Shteyngart, who sounds pretty interesting. This is the autoresponse I got:

Thanks for your email. Please make certain that in all future emails you include the name of the book and author in your subject line. If you are listing requests, please do not send in an attachment, but in the body of the email. It is also important that you include all of your contact information, including your email address, in the body of your email. Only emails that pertain to *publicity* questions about *current* Random House Adult Trade, Villard, Random House Trade Paperbacks and Modern Library books will be responded to. Also, we do not ship books internationally; please contact the book’s publisher in your country for a review copy. If you have an inquiry for a different department or imprint, please contact them directly. This mailbox receives hundreds of emails with questions for other departments or imprints and unfortunately we just don’t have enough staff or time to redirect them all; thanks very much for your understanding! Lastly please note that as stated on our website, Random House does not accept unsolicited submissions. If you are uncertain as to what Random House imprint the book you seek is from, try referring to and looking at the book’s listed information. Please see below for email addresses of other imprints, or visit our website at for more contact information. The Ballantine Publishing Group Bantam Dell Books Crown Publishing Group Knopf Pantheon/Schocken Random House Audio Publishing Group Random House Reference and Information Publishing Vintage Books and Anchor Books

And they don’t even sign it “Love.”

3 Comments on “Annoying autoresponse

  1. given that most emails to publishing outfits of all kinds usually get no response at all, one might see this as actually better. though revolting.

  2. maybe you should of tried to interview sam lipsyte instead…

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