Citigroup feels violated

This morning, WordPress informed me that they’d received a “valid DMCA notice”—as in Digital Millennium Copyright Act—notice about a Citigroup research report I posted here in February 2009. Until the issue could be “resolved”—meaning I acknowledged this grave offense against intellectual property—I couldn’t post anything to this blog. Once I said “Yes, Sir,” my posting privileges were restored. The document was, of course, deleted.

The report was an analysis of the Treasury’s proposed bank capital requirements in the run-up to the stress tests. Citi’s conclusion—and I think even the DMCA allows me to quote a phrase this brief from the doc—was that “the US government is following a relatively bank-friendly, investor-friendly approach.” So there you have it, just for the record.

8 Comments on “Citigroup feels violated

  1. How lame that WordPress disables your entire account because of *one* DMCA notice. That would be enough to make me ditch WordPress as host, and move elsewhere. You can install the WordPress blog software just about anywhere.

    I trust you will file a DCMA counterclaim asserting “fair use”. ;)

  2. As someone who had his entire blog shut down with a saber rattling letter from ABC/Disney I would like to suggest that you give a call to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Ask to speak to Matt Zimmerman.

    One of questions can be the posting of the document met the 4 requirements of fair use. If so, you have the ability to get the document up again.

    Drop me a line at spockosemail at the gmail dot com and I we can talk about a response for the media.

  3. There are other was of getting this information out to the public.

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