Support “Behind the News” on WBAI—really!

WBAI is in the midst of a crucial fundraising marathon now, running through most of this month. The station is in very bad shape financially, and unless we raise a bundle in the coming weeks, there could be dire consequences.

And the interim program director has made some noises about bringing in some “big names” in the 5–6 PM slot. That’s my slot, at least on Thursdays, and I doubt as I qualify as a “big name.” In pursuit of a similar strategy at KPFK, Pacifica’s Los Angeles outlet, they brought in Roseanne Barr to rant about 9/11 conspiracies. The strategy didn’t work, but that may be what they have in mind for WBAI.

So if you like my radio show, and want to keep it on, please pledge your support to WBAI, and my show in particular. There are several ways to do it. One would be to phone in a pledge during my fundraising time tomorrow (Thursday, October 14, 5–6 PM), by calling 212-209-2950. Or, you can make a secure contribution online (Donate To Your Favorite WBAI Show), naming “Behind the News” as your favorite show. Or—and this is something that station management is really pushing—become a BAI Buddy by filling out and mailing this form (, naming “Behind the News” as your favorite show. Nothing would secure my spot in the lineup better than a strong show of support for this little radio enterprise.

This is real—no cry of wolf. Without WBAI, and/or without me on WBAI, there will be no more “Behind the News.” People sometimes suggest to me that I could do the show as a podcast, but that’s too much trouble for too little exposure. I already put a full day of work into the show every week for no pay as it is, and I just couldn’t handle any more. So, if you like what you hear, please throw some bucks this way. Thank you.

6 Comments on “Support “Behind the News” on WBAI—really!

  1. I’ll donate, but I like to listen to the show on podcast and it often seems behind schedule on updates. Right now, my most recent one is from 9/23.

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  3. I listen to your podcasts–but obviously they wouldn’t be available without the show. I’m a KPFA listener and subscriber, so I know what you’re up against. I enjoy the show immensely and appreciate you so much.

  4. I bet you really feel used by the new BAI board majority and management. Your show was treated much better under Bernard White.

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