Big thanks!

Thanks to all of you who donated to WBAI to support Behind the News. It was, in the words of the station’s webmaster, “a huge success.” Thank you all. And if you haven’t donated yet, it’s not too late! Details here. The donations came from all over the place. In the webmaster’s words: “Texas, Washington state, California, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan and Maryland, in addition to, of course, New York and New Jersey. On top of this, there were also donations from Belgium, Australia and Canada.” And, as I was typing this,… Read More

Another reminder to support BtN

Just reiterating yesterday’s plea: if you listen to my radio show, please contribute during WBAI’s fundraiser. Without WBAI, and without WBAI airing “Behind the News,” there would be no “Behind the News.” Ways to do it are online (see links here), or phone in a pledge to 212-209-2950 during my fundraising shift today, 5-6 PM New York time. The show will feature, as a fundraising premium, my June interview with Norman Finkelstein on CD and/or Norman’s latest book, This Time We Went Too Far (description here.)