Wikileaks: a CIA-Mossad project

My god, there is just no end to lunacy.

I just learned from contested terrain (which cited my comment that the Wikileaks affair proved the conspiracy theory of history to be wrong) that Wayne Madsen thinks (“CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks”) that Julian Assange is a CIA agent in the pay of George Soros, with some help from the Mossad. So all that chat about how the woman who accused Assange of some variety of sexual assault is herself a CIA agent—well, forget that. Because Langley is pulling Assange’s strings. And why would Langley want to do that? “To play into fears” of something or other.

No wonder James J. Angleton liked that Eliot quote about the “wilderness of mirrors” so much. Except he really was a CIA agent.

5 Comments on “Wikileaks: a CIA-Mossad project

  1. Only the cached page (text only, at that) of the contested terrain piece you mention will load. (Here:

    Ah, the “intelligence” community. I thought Gladwell nicely summed it all up here:

  2. “Julian Assange is a CIA agent in the pay of George Soros, with some help from the Mossad”–and Tom Carvel, the Dalai Lama, and Peggy Cass.

  3. @485derrida – except that Lhamo Dondrub, the 14th Dalai Lama, actually did (and I surmise still does) receive money from the CIA:

    Since I don’t know the machinations of the elites and their various factions, except that they have a lot of resources to play with, all I can say is that the arguments advanced in most of the corporate media and by Democrats and Republicans against Assange and Wikileaks are appallingly fascist. The police state actions against this whistleblowing effort are shocking. If it all turns out to be some kind of deceptive ruse of the “deep state” or whatever, well, stranger things have happened… and backfired. All the Obamabots in my office are riveted to their computer screens, disgusted by “their president”‘s actions on the matter… I hope that elsewhere, some right-leaning libertarian types are quaking with outrage. We’ll see.

    I’d strongly recommend staying away from websites that proffer a swirling infinitude of fact-free conspiracism… it doesn’t help with analysis or organizing. Besides, if your ego needs a connect-the-dots thrill, there’s enough conspiracy evident in this case, with the CIA-Cubanista “rape victim” in Sweden and all. But more importantly, we should be focused on the fact that a whistleblower who has broken no laws is being hounded across the globe for bringing a glimmer of transparency to the US terrorist secrecy machine. Viva Operation Payback! (Is that a working-class conspiracy? Woohoo! Finally!)

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