Stiglitz praises LBO

This just in Nobel-prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, reading a recent issue, looked up to declare that LBO is full of “wonderful rants and some very interesting facts.”

If you don’t already, subscribe today! Issue #131 in prep.

Stiglitz: likes LBO

3 Comments on “Stiglitz praises LBO

  1. You know what this means . . . play your cards right and you might get to meet André Schiffrin!

    Seriously, congratulations on the well-deserved recognition.

  2. Perhaps my intolerance of liberals and their collaboration with most everything bad is showing(or maybe I’m a bit paranoid and overreacting) but why is any analysis(such as LBO) that crosses the ideological wall-in the case of LBO by speaking about class-called a “rant”? This is a reflex among the “respectable”, even though Stiglitz may be their boundary on the left. LBO is thoroughly serious, notwithstanding an engaging writing style.

  3. Thanks, Left of the Left. I hear you. But my style is more polemical than Stiglitz is used to. You know how economists are – even some radical ones! The petty bourgeois marketer in me is grateful for the quote and doesn’t feel moved to interrogate it. And coming from someone of his stature, I’m flattered.

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