RIP, Bob Fitch

My old friend Bob Fitch died yesterday. I’m going to say more at some point, but for now, check out Josh Mason’s excellent obit: The Slack Wire: Fitch.

2 Comments on “RIP, Bob Fitch

  1. How sad.
    As someone points out in the comments on that blog, Bob’s chapter “Planning New York” in Roger Alcaly’s and David Mermelstein’s The Fiscal Crisis of American Cities is indispensable (the book is OOP but available for pennies on Amazon).

  2. The Haymarket Series of Verso Books (edited by the late Mike Sprinker and I) had the privilege of publishing Assassination of New York: the epitome of what the 1960s called ‘power-structure research.’ Bob was both Marx and Sherlock Holmes, and we must ensure that his brilliant analysis of the deindustrialization of Manhattan continues to be read and discussed and emulated.

    Mike Davis
    San Diego

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