WBAI not paying Chuck D

So the person who “confirmed” to me that WBAI was paying Chuck D $2,000 a week mistyped: he said “Chuck D is getting $2,000 a week” when he meant to say “Chuck D is not getting $2,000 a week.” What a difference four keystrokes make. He was getting $2,000 a month until October 2010; now he’s getting nothing. He’s still not fundraising, though.


2 Comments on “WBAI not paying Chuck D

  1. Doug, you make such mistakes when you leap to conclusions without checking first.

    The WBAI Local Station Board removed the $2,000 per MONTH line-item from the coming budget — a good example of the LSB doing its job.

    Over the prior year, the funds were not going to Chuck D personally but to his engineering staff, who spend a lot of time preparing that show (even staff who aired your show were paid, weren’t they? Surely you are not opposed to workers being paid, are you?).

    However, the finance committee and the LSB — all factions in agreement here — felt that paying engineering staff privately on a per-show basis was not a use of funds we wanted to support.

    In addition, the Local Board pressured the program director to remove Kevin Trudeau premiums and Cass Ingram from the air — again, unanimously.

    You really should check first and not fall for the disparagers’ propaganda, as they have an agenda that’s ill-advised.

    Mitchel Cohen
    Chair, WBAI Local Station Board

  2. I would just like to say that I am so glad I will never hear Cass Ingram on the air again. He is not the only quack though, so the LSB needs to continue the good work on keeping that garbage out. The LSB should also try to bring back Doug Henwood for good measure!

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