Why wait for Paulie?

Does Paul Krugman crib his columns from LBO? Judge for yourself.

6 Comments on “Why wait for Paulie?

  1. The Euro project is one of desperation, the realization of the European ruling class that its global influence and power will shrink unless it combines forces. It probably won’t work, look at the country which runs the Greek ports, and soon the Portguese and Spanish ones.

    In fact, Europe has been in imperial decline since Flanders Fields.

  2. I hope you posted this as a comment on Paul`s blog…

  3. Doug:

    I thought of you when I read K’s latest.

    You are a Brooklyn Elite!!!



  4. Does this mean you’ll be teaching at Princeton soon??

  5. Off topic, but you may want to look at the WSJ article on the H1B Visa collapse. The word is getting out that the US is not the place to be for young educated people.

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