Education policy in the USA

Golf, militarism, Jesus, and noblesse oblige. From Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook :

IF YOU’RE FREE AT LUNCH: Cornerstone Schools of Washington, an oasis of rigor and stability for 220 African-American pupils in inner-city D.C., is holding its annual benefit golf tournament in Alexandria. At an 11:30 a.m. reception before the golfers tee off, students will be on hand who would love to meet you. You don’t have to golf or give: The students would get a kick out of hearing about your exciting life. The executive director and principal is Clay Hanna, a young father of three and former Army captain who was awarded the Bronze Star during 600 combat patrols in Iraq. Event is at Belle Haven Country Club, south of Old Town in Fairfax County — 6023 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria. Sponsorship info

Cornerstone is a Christian school whose mission mission is to provide “a Christ-centered, nurturing, and academically rigorous education to the children of Washington DC, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become leaders who serve others in light of Christ and His Truth.”

They’re very upset that the Obama administration has blocked the U.S. of DC public money to fund a voucher scheme—created by a Republican Congress in 2004—that would allow kids to attend schools like this. Separation of church and state? No doubt an alien, treasonous idea. So get out those clubs and golf for Jesus and the U.S. Army! That stuff about turning the other cheek and loving they neighbor must be about some other Jesus.

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