Sidwell Friends teacher: tests are unreliable

Sidwell Friends faculty member: “We don’t tie teacher pay to test scores because we don’t believe them to be a reliable indicator of teacher effectiveness.” That’s where Obama sends his kids. Education Secretary Arne Duncan sends his kids to Arlington County, Va., public schools. They don’t use tests in evaluating teachers either. Thanks to Amy Offner for pointing me to this on Facebook: Teacher evaluations at the schools that Obama, Duncan picked for their kids.

Compare & contrast: KIPP vs. Sidwell Friends

Education “reformers”—who love testing, discipline, and charter schools—wouldn’t send their own kids to the institutions they prescribe for other people. Cases in point. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has praised the KIPP schools (Secretary Arne Duncan’s Remarks at the KIPP Annual Dinner) as “extraordinary” models. Here’s KIPP’s “Commitment to Excellence”: Teachers’ Commitment We fully commit to KIPP in the following ways: • We will arrive at KIPP every day by 7:15 am (Monday-Friday). • We will remain at KIPP until 5:00 pm (Monday -Thursday) and 4:00 pm on Friday. • We will come… Read More