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Freshly posted to my radio archives:

July 23, 2011 James Galbraith on deficit hysteria and the single-volume collection of four books by his father, John Kenneth Galbraith, published by the Library of Amerca

July 16, 2011 Amber Hollibaugh, interim director of Queers for Economic Justice, on the limits of same-sex marriage (see here for more) • Jeff Madrick, author of The Age of Greed, on the emergence of today’s icky economic order

July 2, 2011 Christian Parenti, author of Tropic of Chaostalks about the effects of climate change amidst state collapse, plentiful weaponry, and neoliberalism

4 Comments on “New radio product

  1. Please post the text of the July 23 commentary! It’d be great to be able to link that one while the debt-ceiling debate is still alive.

  2. Ah. Fair enough, then I’ll look forward to reading it there — and nice piece of work, in any case.

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