The Wall Street worldview

Wall Street’s favorite economist, Ed Hyman, likes to annotate headlines and news snippets. In today’s morning report, he groups some under “depressing” and others under “encouraging.”


Unions Join Wall St Protest (NYT)
Senate Democrats proposed a 5% surtax on incomes over $1m (WSJ)


Merkel Ready to Aid Banks (IBD)
The BoE expanded its bond-purchase plan to $420b from $300b (Bloomberg)
IMF Considers Plan to Purchase European Bonds (WSJ)

Gotta love that state when it supports The Market, eh?

3 Comments on “The Wall Street worldview

  1. I agree with him. Nationalize the banks. The unions should concentrate on something other than protesting on wall-street. Lastly, Democrats should be pressing for much more taxation than that measly 5%.

    Who says the nation is divided?

  2. Bill Gross said this morning on Bloomberg that the share of income going to labor needs to rise (I guess he meant to the top 1% of labor).

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