Jacobin event tonight in NYC

A reminder—I’m part of a panel organized by the excellent posse at Jacobin on Occupy Wall Street, along with Jodi Dean, Malcolm Harris, Natasha Lennard, and Chris Maisano.

172 Allen St (Stanton–Rivington)
7 PM

Likely to be crowded, and Bluestockings is small—so get there early!

3 Comments on “Jacobin event tonight in NYC

  1. Shouldn’t someone publish an updated version of Wall Street? Verso? Is it available somewhere for download?

  2. Verso offered me $1,000 to update it, which essentially means rewrite it. In 1990, they paid me $6,000 to write it in the first place. I’d write a long intro for $1,000, but not rewrite the whole book. Sorry.

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