Creeps busting brooms, stealing trashbags at OWS

A startling bit of news from last night’s OWS Demands Working Group meeting. Someone from the Sanitation Committee at Zuccotti reported that they’re in desperate need of brooms, dustpans, and garbage bags. Someone—cops? freelance thugs (as opposed to the professional uniformed thugs)? pranksters?—has been sneaking in at night and breaking the broom handles and stealing the dustpans and trashbags. Since keeping the park clean is Mayor Bloomberg’s preferred excuse for a clampdown, this is ominous.

If you’d like to donate some of these goodies, please drop them by the park. The THE YIPPIE MUSEUM (9 Bleecker St) and Lucky Cheng’s (1st Ave and 1st St) are also taking donations.

One Comment on “Creeps busting brooms, stealing trashbags at OWS

  1. I must say that when I actually had a good look at the occupy wall st site I saw that very good demands reflecting a very good analysis were being formulated. It would seem logical that the people most affected by the economic crisis would be most represented at occupy and would thus formulate the most acute demands-the consensus model in this case would be an excellent safeguard, even the beginnings of a new constitutional convention. The worst thing would be a restriction of this process such as we saw in Tahrir’s demand that Mubarak go. Mubarak went, then the demonstrators, then all hope of meaningful change.

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