Me, interviewed…

…by Sam Seder of Majority Report Radio: The Majority Reporters

2 Comments on “Me, interviewed…

  1. Great interview (not as good as mine, but you know…:)) So, Demands Working Group – how much focus, if any, on dealing with corruption of political system (i.e. public-financed elections, etc.)?

  2. In your interview, you and Sam discussed the “demands” issue. I think I’ve decided the demands issue isn’t really about demands.

    First, I think we need to be clear that the “demands” issue has two components – those who think we should never make demands (the-park-is-the-goal folks) and those who think it’s too early to make demands.

    The former group – the-park-is-the-goal folks – aren’t really concerned with demands at all. Rather, I think they’re concerned with maintaining horizontalism and I think they’re worried that any attempts to
    “scale” (Doug’s term) will do violence to this principle. Personally, I think the-park-is-the-goal path is the path to fizzle, but how to move beyond that with a movement committed to horizontalism is not at all clear (see Seattle, Spain, etc.).

    I certainly don’t have the answer, but I think it’s important to recognize that this is the real issue – the “demands” issue is just one manifestation of that fundamental problem.

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