Lots of fresh audio product

Way behind on posting this stuff to the web. The podcasts get posted soon after—and sometimes even before—broadcast, but not always the web page.

Freshly posted (clicking on the date links will take you right there):

January 7, 2012 Michael Taft on the Irish depression • Jodi Dean, co-author of this, on the vexing question of OWS & “demands”

December 31, 2011 Christopher Jencks on inequality

December 24, 2011 Christine Ahn & Tim Shorrock on North Korea • Aaron “Zunguzungu” Bady on Occupy Oakland

December 17, 2011 Christopher Hitchens (from 2002) on Orwell • Andrew Ross on student debt repudiation (sign up or endorse here!) • Phil Mattera on job subsidies


One Comment on “Lots of fresh audio product

  1. Thank Solidarity that someone has at last had the guts to tell it like it is: North Korea is better than you think and anything wrong with it is the result of U.S sanctions. I was particularly impressed by Christine Ahn’s assertion that we alienated Westerners could learn a lot from the collective responses of the North Korean people. One could make a cheap joke about forced collectivised grief or the collective nature of famine, but this would just be racist. Many would claim that it is possible to berate American imperialism in the region *and* also critique the North Korean kleptocracy, but those people are effeminate liberal-anarchists who don’t realise you need a Manichean response whenever unfortunately flawed Jacobin State Socialism is pitted against Western Imperialism, regardless of the contradictions this creates. Thus Tim Shorrock’s emphasis on the self-reliance of North Korea may seem a little odd against his admission that the North Korean economy crumbled without the support of the Soviet Union, but it is only contradictory if you are a nihilist.

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