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Just posted to my radio archives:

January 14, 2012 Lane Kenworthy, author of this paper (PDF), on just how much economic growth trickles down, and why (spoiler: U.S. does very badly) • Enrique Diaz-Alvarez, chief strategist for Ebury Partners, on the eurocrisis, with an emphasis on Spain

One Comment on “New audio product

  1. I noticed that you are indeed going to be on a panel at the Left Forum.
    It seems like there are five ownership brands at this year’s “forum.”
    1. Occupy.
    2. Prayer spiritualists.
    3. Platypus.
    4. Around-the-worlders.
    5. City academicians.

    I cannot imagine a more despiriting affair.

    You’d find more “diversity of voices” at the local Applebees at happy hour.

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