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February 25, 2012

back after KPFA fundraising hiatus—if you like this show, please support the station now! and mention Behind the News if you do—there’s a best of BtN premium, consisting of 26 of my best interviews of the last decade, available for a pledge of $75

Gary Weiss, author of Ayn Rand Nationon her cult and influence • Adolph Reed on Black History Month, the return of the ghoulish Charles Murray, and politics in gloomy times

5 Comments on “New radio product

  1. Hi Doug,
    I sent money last year and have since received five letters from KPFA asking me to give more. The first letter was forgiveable, but at a dollar a pop (international air mail) by the time I got the fifth I figured they didn’t really need my money.

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  3. Concerning the depressing American political scene mentioned in the Reed interview, I think the problem is world-wide, or maybe just Europe-wide. Some places in the world, however, like South America, seem to be adopting a successful left politics. What we are living through may just be the normal malaise of a declining empire.

  4. Always fascinating to hear some truth on the radio – but never is there any grudging admission that the nihilists were right all along. There was literally no rejoinder to Adolph Reed’s brutal assessment, but there never really is, just back to Occupy and whatever other left chimera comes on the Sesame Street channel.
    Of course, nihilism from a prof is somewhat rich, since I knew the world to be thus back in the late 70s and 80s, and yet had to endure the relentless, moronic piety of the ivory tower. What do the fortune-paying and -representing coeds think about that line of thought? Aren’t they there to become little savers of the world?

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