New radio product

Some of these shows have been up as podcasts for a while, but I’ve just updated the web page. If you want timely delivery, subscribe to the podcast. Here’s the show’s iTunes page. If you prefer individual access, here’s some recent product:

April 7, 2012 Joel Schalit, co-editor of Souricanton anti-minority violence in Europe 8 Saadia Toor, author of The State of Islamon the history and politics of Pakistan

March 31, 2012 Dan Lazare on the awfulness of the Supreme Court (excerpt from a 2005 interview) • Jamie Webster ofPFC Energy, on the state of the oil market • Peter Frase, author of this, on the problem with sex work: work

March 24, 2012 Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Researchon the Argentine model of default • Madhusree Mukerjee,author of Churchill’s Secret War,on Churchill, Britain, India, and famine during World War II

March 17, 2012 Alan Beattie, international economics editor of the Financial Times and author of the Kindle-only Who’s in Charge Here?, on botched policy responses to the crisis •Steingrímur Sigfússon, former finance minister and current Minister of Economic Affairs of Iceland, on that country’s unorthodox strategy towards the crisis

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