Fresh audio content: David Frum

Just posted to my radio archives:

August 9, 2012 Partial conservative renegade and former Bush speechwriter David Frum on the right, and his roman à clef about Washington, Patriots. [The text of the intro, in which I recount my history on the right in condensed form, is here. The headnote includes links to longer versions of the story.]

2 Comments on “Fresh audio content: David Frum

  1. ‘We seem to be moving back to a class bound society, like it was a 100 years ago…And that’s just how it is…’

  2. I used to listen to Frum when he was on KCRW’s “Left, Right, and Center” (syndicated) radio show. It was often frustrating that he was so dogmatically defensive of everything Republican and conservative, but at least he was polite and congenial in being so.

    This interview had me considering buying the book, but it sounds like the roman a clef might be just a polite way to get back at people in the Repub movement that were able to oust him from his comfortable position in the party and the movement.

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