Links fixed

Memo to self: never go out without testing the links first. The URLs for the 2013 shows I just added to my radio archives were still living in /2012/ so they came up as missing. They’re now fixed. Sorry.

Fresh audio product

Sorry, folks, it’s been way too long since I did this! But since I usually upload the audio files more promptly than I update the website, you can spare yourself the consequences of my delays by subscribing to the podcast. Instructions are on the top of my radio archives page. To which I’ve just added the following shows: January 31, 2013 Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish,on the personal financial advice racket • Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute, co-author of this paper, on what’s driving wage polarization January 24, 2013 Natasha Lennard, author of this article, on the Aaron… Read More