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May 30, 2013 Harry Browne, author of Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power), on the dreadfulness that is Paul Hewson • Eamonn Fingleton on how Japan isn’t as bad off as they’d like you to think

2 Comments on “Fresh audio product

  1. Thanks for doing these two shows on Japan. Not sure why you didn’t call Fingleton on his multi-generational conspiracy theory of how Japan’s declining birth rate is all according to plans laid back in the late 40’s. More here from a 2011 blog post on why Fingleton may not be the best Japan hand to have back on the show:

    If you do have another segment on Japan, might I suggest a quick look around the NBR Japan Forum ( to find someone on par with Richard Katz.

    In any event, thought you might be interested in the recent news that market discipline appears in the works for Japanese government bonds. With the government pension funds increasingly investing in stocks, which will eventually bubble and collapse, and with interest rates on JGBs rising, will austerity be in the works for Japan? I’m sure more than a few have their eyes on its not-inconsiderable welfare state already.

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