Bill de Blasio’s continuing evolution

I’ve been a little distracted the last few days so I’m only catching up with the news that Bill de Blasio named Anthony Shorris as first deputy mayor. The Daily News described him as “a seasoned city government hand and veteran troubleshooter,” which is certainly one angle.

Another would be this: he worked in a couple of finance posts for Ed Koch, for Joel Klein at Bloomberg’s Board of Ed, and is now Vice Dean, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff of the NYU Langone Medical Center and board member of the NYS Hospital Association. He’s also on the board of the Regional Plan Association, one of capital’s peak associations for the economic and physical development of the city and its inner suburbs, and is co-chair of its Fourth Regional Plan. So a real-estate friendly guy out of the medical-industrial complex.

De Blasio disappeared for a few weeks after the election. Now we know what he was doing – reassuring the FIRE elite that all that “tale of two cities” talk was just electoral hot air.

Cue the apologists and holders of feet to the fire….

One Comment on “Bill de Blasio’s continuing evolution

  1. “So a real-estate friendly guy out of the medical-industrial complex.”

    Sounds like Our Kind of Guy!

    A Merry Christmas to All, and to All, a Good Night!

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