More Hillary

Me on CNN, interviewed by Andrew Cuomo’s brother, of all people.

Me in Salon

Josh Eidelson interviews me about the shutdown, default, the Tea Party, and the rot of the American ruling class: “Tea Party’s shutdown lunacy: Avenging the surrender of the South” Josh and I had nothing to do with the headline.  

Us on Progressive Radio

Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, interviewed Liza & me when we were in Madison for his radio show. Here it is: Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone | The Progressive

Me on The Real News

I’m interviewed on The Current Crisis by Paul Jay of The Real News: AUSTERITY IN THE FACE OF WEAKNESS.

Christian Parenti interviews me…

…for the Brooklyn Rail – on the bubble, the bust, the state of the American ruling class, and what comes next: Ka-Pow! Bang! Crash!

Me on Iranian TV

International stardom! Iran’s PressTV does me for 25 minutes: watch.

MinnPost interview

Steve Perry interviews me about the green shoots of recovery, EFCA, liberal austerity, grading the stimulus/bailout, contrasts with the New Deal, etc.: “Stabilization is a good thing, but it doesn’t equal recovery.”

Interview on MinnPost

Steve Perry interviews Doug Henwood on the current mess: No bottom in sight yet