Fresh audio product, in quantity

Catching up on a major backlog of fresh audio product, just posted to my radio archives:

September 18, 2014 Gilbert Achcar on the Middle Eastern landscape

September 25, 2014 Mark Blyth on the Scottish independence referendum • Laleh Khalili on the theory and practice of counterinsurgency.

October 23, 2014 [back after fundraising hiatus]  Ryan Grim (author of this article) on Gary Webb, crack, and the CIA • Jake Blumgart (author of this article) on a mini-Detroit on the outskirts of Philadelphia

October 30, 2014  Kevin Alexander Gray, co-editor of Killing Trayvonson racist police and vigilante violence • Trudy Lieberman on the snares of Obamacare

November 6, 2014 Heather Boushey, director of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, on inequality • George Joseph, author of this article, on Teach for America

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3 Comments on “Fresh audio product, in quantity

  1. Good interview with mark blyth,though I don’t realy agree with him. The only question on the referendum ballot was ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’. Policy could only come after autonomy, and there are few politicians as supple as Alex Salmond. The shambolic currency union ideas would have lasted about as long as that between slovakia and the czech republic (5 or 6 days I think).
    What I think he missed was that, apart from the grass roots, there was no party campaigning for independence, Salmond’s SNP are gradualists and were unprepared for the swell in support on the ground. The assumption was that a strong showing would lead to greater powers was an egregious error on their part.
    That said, depite being a little disappointed that we couldn’t extract ourselves from the neoliberal nuthouse that is the UK, it was certainly the most uplifting and positive campaign I have experienced in all my years as a voter.

  2. PS, I can confirm ‘Red’ Ed Milliband is in the same condition you recall.He has been selected,like foot and kinnock before him, to lose the election. The labour party is in an abject state these days.

  3. With great appreciation for the show and your work, would a unified podcast feed not be easier for you and better for the audience? I know it would be better for my memory-constricted device if I could just subscribe to one of the feeds. Also, could you include some minimal notes in the Info, if only interviewee’s name and the subject? Thanks.

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