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Freshly posted to my radio archive, after too long an interval:

January 29, 2015 Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek economist who’s appeared on this show 16 times since 2008 discussing mainly the Eurocrisis, is now the finance minister of Greece. Here are excerpts from 5 of those interviews. At the very end of this episode, he discusses what Greece’s strategy towards its creditors should be. Tough words, worth checking out. [See next post for an incendiary excerpt.]

January 22, 2015 Priyamvada Gopal, author of this article, on the curious relationship of freedom and unfreedom in Western words and deeds • Maya Schenwar, author of Locked Down, Locked Out, on imprisonment.

January 15, 2015 Lily Geismer, author of Don’t Blame Usdiscusses the evolution of suburban liberalism • Art Goldhammer on French satire and politics in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre

January 8, 2015 Stan Collender on the budget melodramas facing us in Washington this year • David Kotz, author of this article, on about the Russian economic crisis

January 1, 2015 (partial return after fundraising and holiday hiatus) encore presentation of two interviews on policing and prisons:  Alex Vitale on broken windows and the militarization of policing • Naomi Murakawa, author of The First Civil Right, on the underestimated contributions of liberals to mass incarceration (both first broadcast in August)

Note that KPFA is in a fundraiser for the next couple of weeks. I probably won’t be posting a show next week. But if you like Behind the News and want to keep it coming, please contribute! You can get a USB thumb drive with 77 interviews, The Best of Behind the News 6.0, for a pledge of $120. Any amount welcome, of course. Please mention Behind the News if you do contribute.

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